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Another Birthday July 21, 2008

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Yep, 31 today.  Wow… I don’t think I feel 31.  I am not really sure how 31 should feel…mmm

Last year was hard, turning 30 really freaked me out.  I am not freaked out by 31, just unsettled.

I have spent this last year really trying to LIVE… What does this mean??? Well, I really wanted to start being and living in the right here and now.  I want to be truly present and intentional about living.  I don’t want to stress and worry about the small and insignificant.   I want to be truly happy with and in what I have.  I want to be enjoying and experiencing things as much as possible.

This was a totally new way of thinking for me.  I think so many times we get caught up in things and don’t take time to slow down and really LIVE.  I have not put this into every day as much as I wish to.  I still get caught up in things.  I hope to at least have more of an awareness now, so I can slow down and focus on what really matters.

So, another birthday, and another year to have the opportunity to enjoy and edure, to grow in our struggles and our accomplishments.  To be inspired and to inspire.  To aspire to truly LIVE.