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This is what is new July 13, 2008

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Well, it has been a whirlwind of a week.  We had been waiting, and hoping to hear good news about the job Shawn applied for.  He has applied for a ton over the last little bit, but this is the one we really wanted… Well the answer was no.  Yes, even as adults we sometimes face the answer being no.  Ok, so I was really mad, disappointed, and a little freaked out.  We have stretched our budget and were doing fine through the end of the month, but for this to work Shawn needed to be working by Monday.  We got the no on Friday.  Shawn pulled things together and made some calls.. thinking even if he could get some day by day work, he called a friend who owns an electrician company.  He said he would hire him and give him a job as long as he wanted….. So although unexpected, and for the time being a substantial cut in pay, this is a job on Monday.  This job has opportunity for moving up if we choose to pursue it, it provides evenings and weekends off….. Something Shawn has not had in over eight years.  So although this is not the path we thought, this is the one we are on.

On a different note, my boys left for Summer Camp on Saturday.  They were both sooo excited.  I am sure they will have many adventures to tell of.  They will be gone a week, they just left Yesterday and I already miss them.:(  Ellie and I will have to find things to keep ourselves busy this week!