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The Sword July 2, 2008

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As most of you know, our time at our church and job for the last 8 years is over.  This has been a process and a decision made a while back.  Recently, Shawn received a present from an anonymous source… A Sword.  A big, real, medieval, sword.  It took me aback at how symbolic this really was.  Our last 8 years have been a time of great growth and accomplishment, and with this I am finding most of the time comes great struggle, and down times, (The Battle).  We are now moving on to the next phase in our lives.  We have decided it is time for Shawn to go back to school and finish his degree.  In our reality, he will also be working full time, and be a full time father and husband.(Our future Battle)  I believe life has great things in store for our family.  I am very aware it will be hard work and we will face some struggles.  That is what will make the victories so sweet.


One Response to “The Sword”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Hey! I still can’t get an e-mail to Brendan because it keeps coming back. Love, US

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