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Elisabeth is reading!! June 26, 2008

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Yes, it is true I am one of those moms.  I make my kids do schoolwork during the summer.  Not a lot, but a little every day, so they don’t forget everything over the summer.  The other night I heard Ellie in her bed trying to sound out words to a story.  Up until now I have just been going over flash cards with sight words on them, no actual books.  So, after I heard her, I got this novel idea.(no pun intended 🙂 )  Maybe we should try books.  We did and she is really reading.  First grade will be great!  This process always amazes me.  I remember this with the boys.  One day they are these little people who aren’t reading and then all of a sudden they are reading everything.

They are growing so fast.  Can’t stay on this thought too long, or I will get weepy.  Right now I am just marveling in the fact my baby is reading.


One Response to “Elisabeth is reading!!”

  1. Tassa Says:

    I understand. Bittersweet. Tiana thinks she has a loose tooth. A huge part of me can’t even bare to check. So my neighbor did the honor and it is a little loose. They grow up way to fast. Tiana can’t wait to see Ellie.

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