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Summer is officially here. June 16, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Shawn Ragan @ 7:02 pm

oh yes, Summer is here.  I just spent 3 hrs in the emergency room.  The kids and I were over at some friends house, they have a man made pond.  Caleb knelt down to look into the pond and put his knee on a piece of a broken jar.  Of course we did not know the jar was there, or where it came from.  Nevertheless, Caleb came into the house his whole leg covered in blood.  OOFTA!   So, all is well now.  We had a few problems getting his leg numb, but four stitches later we are done.  He is feeling fine….  He thinks this gives him a free pass for unlimited playstation time now. 🙂

These are the joys of being a mother of boys……….


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