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Summer Days June 9, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Shawn Ragan @ 6:55 pm

I am so happy summer break is here.  My kids got out of school on June 2nd.  I am really ready to have them home by June.  And of course by September, I am really ready to have them back in school.  I was sick today with a summer cold I guess, but the kids had a great day.  They spent a lazy morning in front of the TV with a bag of cold cereal.   My kids love cereal in a baggie, weird huh?  They then went outside to help Dad with yard work.  The first step was to get all the green plastic army figures out of the yard… What an adventure.  So, they went on with several miscellaneous yard chores.  Then we came to the marvelous revelation that Brendan was old enough to help mow the lawn.  He tried last year, but wasn’t strong enough to push it.  This was great fun.  Daddy mows the front and Brendan the side and the back.  He feels so big now.  So, after an afternoon in the yard,  the kids + dad went to the YMCA for some swim time.  Elisabeth thinks she is a mermaid and I have been informed that she can do somersaults underwater now.  She is not afraid of the water at all.  The boys spent their time being chased by dad and going down the slide.

I wonder what great adventures tomorrow holds…………..


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