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Another Birthday July 21, 2008

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Yep, 31 today.  Wow… I don’t think I feel 31.  I am not really sure how 31 should feel…mmm

Last year was hard, turning 30 really freaked me out.  I am not freaked out by 31, just unsettled.

I have spent this last year really trying to LIVE… What does this mean??? Well, I really wanted to start being and living in the right here and now.  I want to be truly present and intentional about living.  I don’t want to stress and worry about the small and insignificant.   I want to be truly happy with and in what I have.  I want to be enjoying and experiencing things as much as possible.

This was a totally new way of thinking for me.  I think so many times we get caught up in things and don’t take time to slow down and really LIVE.  I have not put this into every day as much as I wish to.  I still get caught up in things.  I hope to at least have more of an awareness now, so I can slow down and focus on what really matters.

So, another birthday, and another year to have the opportunity to enjoy and edure, to grow in our struggles and our accomplishments.  To be inspired and to inspire.  To aspire to truly LIVE.


This is what is new July 13, 2008

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Well, it has been a whirlwind of a week.  We had been waiting, and hoping to hear good news about the job Shawn applied for.  He has applied for a ton over the last little bit, but this is the one we really wanted… Well the answer was no.  Yes, even as adults we sometimes face the answer being no.  Ok, so I was really mad, disappointed, and a little freaked out.  We have stretched our budget and were doing fine through the end of the month, but for this to work Shawn needed to be working by Monday.  We got the no on Friday.  Shawn pulled things together and made some calls.. thinking even if he could get some day by day work, he called a friend who owns an electrician company.  He said he would hire him and give him a job as long as he wanted….. So although unexpected, and for the time being a substantial cut in pay, this is a job on Monday.  This job has opportunity for moving up if we choose to pursue it, it provides evenings and weekends off….. Something Shawn has not had in over eight years.  So although this is not the path we thought, this is the one we are on.

On a different note, my boys left for Summer Camp on Saturday.  They were both sooo excited.  I am sure they will have many adventures to tell of.  They will be gone a week, they just left Yesterday and I already miss them.:(  Ellie and I will have to find things to keep ourselves busy this week!


The Sword July 2, 2008

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As most of you know, our time at our church and job for the last 8 years is over.  This has been a process and a decision made a while back.  Recently, Shawn received a present from an anonymous source… A Sword.  A big, real, medieval, sword.  It took me aback at how symbolic this really was.  Our last 8 years have been a time of great growth and accomplishment, and with this I am finding most of the time comes great struggle, and down times, (The Battle).  We are now moving on to the next phase in our lives.  We have decided it is time for Shawn to go back to school and finish his degree.  In our reality, he will also be working full time, and be a full time father and husband.(Our future Battle)  I believe life has great things in store for our family.  I am very aware it will be hard work and we will face some struggles.  That is what will make the victories so sweet.


Just a thought….. June 28, 2008

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Long I followed happy guides,

I could never reach their sides;

Their step is forth, and, ere the day

Breaks up their leaguer, and away.

Keen my sense, my heart was young,

Right good-will my sinews strung,

But no speed of mine avails

To hunt upon their shining trails.

On and away, their hasting feet

Make the morning proud and sweet;

Flowers they strew  -I catch the scent;

Or tone of silver instrument

Leaves on the wind melodious trace;

Yet I could never see their face.

On eastern hills I see their smokes,

Mixed with mist by distant lochs.

I met many travellers

Who the road had surely kept;

They saw not my fine revellers,

These had crossed them while they slept.

Some had heard their fair report,

In the country or the court.

Fleetest couriers alive

Never yet could once arrive,

As they went or they returned,

At the house where these sojourned.

Sometimes their strong speed they slacken,

Though they are not overtaken;

In sleep their jubilant troop is near,

I tuneful voices overhear;

It may be in wood or waste,

At unawares ‘t is come and past.

Their near camp my spirit knows

By signs gracious as rainbows.

I thenceforward and long after

Listen for their harp-like laughter,

And carry in my heart, for days,

Peace that hallows rudest ways.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Elisabeth is reading!! June 26, 2008

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Yes, it is true I am one of those moms.  I make my kids do schoolwork during the summer.  Not a lot, but a little every day, so they don’t forget everything over the summer.  The other night I heard Ellie in her bed trying to sound out words to a story.  Up until now I have just been going over flash cards with sight words on them, no actual books.  So, after I heard her, I got this novel idea.(no pun intended 🙂 )  Maybe we should try books.  We did and she is really reading.  First grade will be great!  This process always amazes me.  I remember this with the boys.  One day they are these little people who aren’t reading and then all of a sudden they are reading everything.

They are growing so fast.  Can’t stay on this thought too long, or I will get weepy.  Right now I am just marveling in the fact my baby is reading.


Summer is officially here. June 16, 2008

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oh yes, Summer is here.  I just spent 3 hrs in the emergency room.  The kids and I were over at some friends house, they have a man made pond.  Caleb knelt down to look into the pond and put his knee on a piece of a broken jar.  Of course we did not know the jar was there, or where it came from.  Nevertheless, Caleb came into the house his whole leg covered in blood.  OOFTA!   So, all is well now.  We had a few problems getting his leg numb, but four stitches later we are done.  He is feeling fine….  He thinks this gives him a free pass for unlimited playstation time now. 🙂

These are the joys of being a mother of boys……….


Life is good! June 15, 2008

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